MB0044 – Production and Operation Management




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(Spring/Feb 2013)

Master of Business Administration – MBA Semester 2

MB 0044 – Production and Operation Management (4 credits)

(Book ID: B1627 )


Marks 60

Note: Assignment Set -1 must be written within 6-8 pages. Answer all questions.


Q1. State the important considerations for locating an automobile plant. 10 marks (300-400 words)

Answer : To locate an automobile company or plant many thing should be consider. For an automobile plant automated flaw lines, automated assembly lines, flexible manufacturing systems, global transition rapid prototyping. Building manufacturing flexibility things are necessity.

About the automated flow lines we can say it is


Q2. Explain essentials of Project Management Philosophy.   10 marks(300-400 words)


Answer : In recent years organizations of all kinds have learned that project working, once considered significant only for engineering and construction companies, can help to ensure that the intended benefits of business change will be realized in full and on time. This development means that more people than




Q3. Several different strategies have been employed to assist in aggregate planning. Explain these in brief 10 marks(300-400) words

Answer : Planning is a primary management responsibility. Aggregate planning is concerned with organizing the quantity and timing of production over a medium period of time up to eight to ten months with undetermined demand. Specifically aggregate planning means combining all of an organization`s resources


Q4. Illustrate the different methods by which quality is sought to be achieved using various tools and techniques 10 marks(300-400) words


Answer : Quality itself is no longer a differentiator among manufacturers. Today, the focus of manufacturing quality has shifted to a discussion of “affordable” quality. The question asked by manufacturers is not how to



Q5. Explain the basic competitive priorities considered while formulating operations strategy by a firm? 10 marks(300-400 words



Details relative to each distinctive competency are provided, along with the implications of each and some examples.




Q6. Explain briefly the four classification of scheduling strategies?10 marks(300-400 words

Answer : In computer science, scheduling is the method by which threads, processes or data flows are given access to system resources (e.g. processor time, communications bandwidth). This is usually done to load balance a system effectively or achieve a target quality of service. The need for a scheduling algorithm arises from the requirement for most modern systems to perform multitasking (execute more than





Dear students get fully solved assignments

call us at :- 08263069601 


mail us at  help.mbaassignments@gmail.com



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